The real Bobbinet tulle -  essential basic material for wigs, hairpieces, toupees, moustaches and beards.



The genuine Bobbinet tulle is an essential basic material for the production of wigs, hairpieces, toupees, moustaches and beards. Bobbinet tulle is used especially for real hair wigs in the film and theatre industry. With monofilament bobbinet, on which the hair is knotted individually, the scalp shines through the hair. This makes the hairstyle look extremely natural and real, and it always looks as if the hair is coming directly out of its own scalp.

The very thin film base is barely visible on the skin, even for today’s HD film technology. The production of the Bobbinet tulle takes place exclusively in our subsidiary swisstulle UK in England, the largest and oldest manufacture in the world in this speciality.

“We work every day to make sure that real Bobbinet Tulle continues to have a future!”

Application range

  • Theatre and film industry
  • Street wigs and toupees
  • Cancer and alopecia patients

We offer you

  • Neck tulle made of ultra-transparent, highly tear-resistant Bobbinet
  • Thermo tulle and wig tulle for full wigs and toupees
  • Fine-meshed to large-perforated knitted tulle
  • Elastic nets
  • Fine gauzes
  • Large standard range in various skin colours
  • Colouring possible according to customer specifications

Convincing arguments as compared to ordinary warp-knit tulle

  • Convincing arguments as compared to ordinary warp-knit tulle
  • Bobbinet tulle can be made with the finest monofilaments.
  • Bobbinet tulle uses about 3 to 4 times less yarn in production and is therefore ultra-light. Nearly invisible on the skin.
  • Bobbinet tulle has no disturbing stitches or knots that could create pressure points on the skin.
  • Bobbinet tulle is a woven fabric and its dimensional stability is incomparable.
  • Bobbinet tulle is tested for skin compatibility. Long-term contact by the tulle with the skin is absolutely harmless
  • Bobbinet tulle is excellent for medical wigs and toupees

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