Based on a huge varying yarn selection.

  • natural fibres, e.g. silk, cotton, wool, linen viscose, ramie
  • synthetic, e.g. polyamide, polyester, flame retardant, high-tensile


Knitted fabrics

  • open and closed knitted fabrics
  • net structures
  • fantasy designs


Creations with various yarns and structures. There are almost no limits in developping knitted items in regard of structures and yarns.

  • up to 300 cm width
  • developments as per customer request


Woven curtains

Creative woven curtains to complete the collection. Fascinating methods of weaving and finish treatments.

  • from high transparent up to semi transparent fabrics
  • jacquard fabrics and dobby woven items
  • burn-out pattern
  • single and double woven fabrics

Piece dying as per customer request. We are always looking for new techniques and special fabric treatments.