We are one of the leading European warp knit and bobbinet tulle manufacturers located in Switzerland and England. Bobbinet tulle is an outstanding exclusivity. Rigid and elastic warp knits for fashion and technical applications excel in performance and quality.


Heavily involved in B2B we develop in cooperation with our customers products for their special purposes. Our performance is based on quality, strength of innovation and service.

Bobbinet Tulle - warp knitted fabrics
Bobbinet is based on lace making technology with warp and weft. It has a hexagonal hole shape structure wich gives a unique combination of strength, sheerness, stability and uniformity. There is hardly a limit to the variety of yarns that can be used. The production of bobbinet tulle is concentrated at our English operation, Swisstulle UK plc, the largest and oldest such factory worldwide.

Warp knitted fabrics are manufactured at the Swiss factory. Elegance, quality and transparency are engineered with selected materials and processes to customer requirements.

Production equipment

Up to date set of machines, highly professional staff: They guarantee permanence of established quality standards. We cover the whole range of widths with special focus on large widths resulting in exclusive wide seamless fabrics.

Integrated dyeing and finishing is an essential part of our quality and service strategy.

Our customers

Nearly all of our products are sold "business to business" for further processing

Wigswig base nets
Technical textiles   

sunblinds for automobiles and railway coaches, safety nets for automobiles,textiles for aviation

Home furnishingshigh quality and exclusive curtain materials
FashionLingerie (base fabrics for embroidery), Haute Couture, women's outerwear
Contract finishingfabrics for theatre, fairs, events, technical textiles, home textiles


In addition, a significant volume of dyeing and finishing capacity is available for contract use.